Professional Experience
Providence, RI
Senior Developer
  • Tasked with converting HTML static sites to Demandware infused templates to create a dynamically driven eCommerce storefront using ISML (Internet Store Markup Language; Demadware’s proprietary markup language), Demandware Script, JavaScript, JSON and jQuery,  and CSS;
  • Work closely with clients and third-party design firms to ensure the finished product exceeds their expectations;
  • Created an internal training wiki, maintain and upgrade the company’s WordPress based website, and offer support to junior developers;
  • Hired as a UX Engineer, became a Certified Demandware Developer, earning a Senior Developer role.
Initially hired as a UX Engineer, I was apart of the new implementation team. After a week of internal Demandware training, I was tasked with converting static HTML pages to dynamically generated storefronts within the platform. This required creating  ISML (Internet Store Markup Language) templates, manipulating custom JavaScript objects which typically included infusing jQuery interactivity, and styling the markup using CSS.

As I grew, I became more involved in the inner workings of Demandware. I was soon given the choice to attend Demandware sponsored training, where I became a Certified Demandware Developer. This certification allowed me to earn a Senior Developer position and was assigned the Lead Frontend Developer role on a new store implementation.

In this role, I’ve worked closely with the client and the third-party design firm transforming the design comp HTML site into a “go-live” ready Demandware storefront. Site launch is scheduled for early 2013.

Additional tasks while employed with Precision have been to launch and support the company website, continue with the creation of the internal training wiki, and offer support to junior developers.

King of Prussia, PA
Manager of Technical Services
  • Worked along side the Vice President of Operations to develop new strategies and techniques that were included in custom elearning solutions;
  • Collaborated with Project Managers, Instructional Designs, and Graphic Artists to ensure that courses were created to scope, remained on budget and finished on time;
  • Decreased course development time by implementing the Mantis bug tracking system which shortened QA turn around time;

  • Handled all internal and external support calls, including client LMS administration, as well as any additional tasks that may have arose.
I first started at SoftAssist as a contractor creating Captivate demonstration videos for a new nursing application being implemented at the University of Pennsylvania Health System in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The project called for over 40 captivate videos, including audio syncing with the actions on screen.

From the success of the Captivate project, I was offered a full time Courseware Developer position. In this new role, I worked along side the Vice President of Operations developing new strategies and techniques to be included in the custom eLearning solutions SoftAssist created.

When it became time to relieve the Vice President of his developing duties, I was then promoted to Manager of Technical Services. The new position was responsible for each technical decision on each course that was deployed. I worked closely with the Project Manager, Instructional Designers and Graphic Artists to ensure that the courses were created to scope, remained on budget and finished on time. Along with the course work, I also handled all customer and company support, client LMS administration, as well as any additional tasks that may arise.

Anaheim, CA
Courseware Developer
  • Exposed to course taxonomy practices, metadata tagging of reusable resources, and curriculum structuring methodologies;
  • Administered the internal LMS for a worldwide user base, including running reports tracking user progress and effectiveness of training;
  • Collaborated with Graphic Designers to create Flash-based interactions to be included in employee and company partner training courses.
Extron Electronics was the best introduction to the real world I could have asked for.

It was my first job out of graduate school and I was eager to continue my education. As a Courseware Developer, I learned a variety of learning tools that would give me a glimpse into eLearning course development. I was exposed to course taxonomy techniques, meta data tagging of resources, and curriculum structuring methodologies. Along with my daily development tasks, I also spent time administrating the internal LMS for a worldwide user base.

Bloomsburg, PA
Master of Science, Instructional Technology